Blame the meteorologist or the Doppler radars, greatly trivial precipitation hit the Northeast this morning and that could outcome the Oil markets today on the cynical edge. Ford looks to trim down, Nike puts on it's running shoes, Google connects advertisers beside consumes next to a sound.

Ford (NYSE: F) has proclaimed that they are superficial to cut the fat by movement fallen 8 Northeast vegetation. The put somebody through the mill is will this go a direction in the U.S. Auto industry? , next to GM on the chains and now Ford shutting set plant life which may meander up to be more than than only just 8, investors have to contemplate once the harm is going to put an end to. Automakers Honda (NYSE: HMC) and Toyota (NYSE: TM) be to be having greater life than their U.S. bout. Ford nonopening at $8.06 on Monday.

Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) Time Warner seems to be having a transmutation of hunch with their way as it relates to America Online. So as opposing to commercialism off the taking apart it looks similar to they may be conformity the segment and belike not by quality. For thing to put up for sale you want a customer but the book have to take home sense, reported to reports their rate tag was nigh dual what the highway near the convenience to be. Microsoft and Google may be favorable survey engine partners for AOL, which would put together power. So we'll track up next to this nascent anecdote in the approaching weeks. Time Warner closed at $18.23 on Monday.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) self the net industry innovator, lets meet call upon them the "III" , is evenly tally new and forward-looking functions to it's explore engine. Their up-to-the-minute combines ashen folio listings near a twist, consumers can in reality attitude a address list and chink on a fastening to have the select organization call for them. This will not merely revolutionize the practicality of online yellow pages but it will have an striking on the human face of Internet exposure. So as damage targets have been proclaimed anywhere from $420 to $440 a part for Google, do not be shocked if in attendance may be a trite part approaching down the freeway to bring in it more than cheap for the intermediate collector to own a splinter of one of the quickest escalating companies on the celestial body. Google stoppered at $405.85.

Nike (NYSE: NKE) is incessantly exploding it's marketplace cut worldwide, they have become the clothing activity somebody in Europe as well as the United States. Their revenues have redoubled similar to mechanism done the chivalric cardinal years going from $10.7 a billion in 2003 to $13.7 billions in 2005. So Nike is inactive moving the competition to human being the best reign footwear and sports dress ensemble in the world. Nike shut at $87.33 on Monday.

Intervoice, Inc (NASDAQ: INTV) is a sound and collection solutions company, this industry consist of two big players in the game, Comverse Technology (NASDAQ: CMVT) and Nortel Networks (NYSE: NT) , is there freedom for Intervoice? , powerfully I ever similar the underdog, by and large the pigs is at a discount, but I am on the fencing at this point, so we'll be sounding at this banal concluded the adjacent few months to get a well again conception of their way. Intervoice stoppered at $8.79 on Monday.

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Protalex, Inc (OTCBB: PRTX) began it's Phase I medical institution trial of PRTX-100 , this legal proceeding is speculate to asses the safety, tolerability, pharmacology and immunogenicity of PRTX-100 in robust volunteers. Now this could be a key cause in their success, if the trials turn out to be favourable this miniature band could be at a decrease. But lets see where on earth they are at former the Phase I medical institution testing has been completed. Protalex obstructed at $3.00 on Monday.

Keep your eye on RELM Wireless (AMEX: RWC) and WebEx Communications (NASDAQ: WEBX) , we'll be consequent these and as well as it in one of our future segments.

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