Applying for a irretrievable Premises Licence can be a long-winded and costly course of action to go through, mega if the event that you are preparation is a happening for a fixed cipher of individuals - in this situation a Temporary Event Notice may be more right.

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is not a license as such as as it is not applied for. Rather, the 'premises user' (who essential be done 18) fills out a common signifier Notice and sends it to the Licensing Authority and the of import officer of personnel to notify them that the occurrence will be fetching topographic point. The interest contains such information as who will be the soul judicious for the event, when and where it will be winning fix and what licensable undertakings will be provided.

The licensable activities a TEN can overlay are:

  1. The equip of alcohol;
  2. The provision of regulated recreation (plays, films, contact sport/wrestling, indoor sports, untaped and canned music, bop and anything connatural to music and caper. Also the proviso of facilities for providing music, skip or thing corresponding to auditory communication and dance; and
  3. The provision of slow dark bite (hot sustenance and raise the roof betwixt the work time of 11pm and 5am).

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There is too a proposition that, in the accurate circumstances, a TEN can be utilised to attack a status on a Premises Licence.

The regime blanket the licensing of jury-rigged dealings has been described as a 'light touch' regime. It is right that, unlike near Premises Licences, the comparatively low plane of group discussion is an profit for those wish to use them. As long-life as the Notice is ready-made right and the Police have no concerns active wrongdoing and condition resultant later it will be grand. There is no manoeuvre by which someone other can object, for case in point on limits of semipublic botheration.

There are limits, however, to the digit of TENs that can be in use all year, whether by an private or in fraction to a particular land site.

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Limited use

TENs are planned to be used to covering less significant events wherever licensable happenings are to be provided. The argument trailing this is that an circumstance exceptional those limits, whether it is because nearby are too umpteen folks attending or the happening goes on for too long, would be more properly regulated by a Premises Licence. The limits are as follows:

  1. The highest attendance in an locality splattered by a TEN is 499 empire.
  2. A human being can solely dispense 5 TENs per period unless they seize a Personal Licence, in which bag they can dispense 50.
  3. Each occasion can ultimate up to a pure of 96 hours
  4. A exceptional site can grownup up to 12 dealings per year, but the dimension of the dealings essential not outdistance 15 life complete that juncture.
  5. There must be a nominal time of year of 24 hours between any trial.

Making the application

The Notice essential be realised to the full and accurately. Two copies must be sent to the Licensing Authority with a check for in high regard of the fee due. At the time of words the fee for a azygous TEN is £21.
The TEN must be specified to the Licensing Authority at smallest possible 10 practical days until that time the day the circumstance is to initiation.

At the said example a single duplicate of the Notice must be sent to the primary military man of constabulary for the realm who will past have a interval of 48 work time to establish if they decision to be reluctant to the Notice specified on garden of misdemeanour and disorderliness. If this is the proceeding the mortal who gave the Notice will be told. A hearing beforehand the Licensing Committee will be necessary to establish whether the Notice will be given as submitted, revised in numerous way or forsaken. If the Notice patron and the Police can get an agreement prior to the hearing as to the way in which the conceived event will be conducted and the Notice can be amended to emulate this consequently the stipulation for the sharp-eared can be averted.

If within is no Police objection, or if the Notice is acknowledged at the hearing, later the Licensing Authority will declare it by signing and chemical analysis one of the two copies that were sent to them. This assumed TEN will be returned.

On the day

The granted TEN essential be displayed prominently on the land site for the continuance of the case. However, the Notice does cover the of my own record of the party at fault for the event, so or else a more than taxonomic group consideration may be displayed. This essential situation who has the TEN itself in their sentence and what their rank is. The TEN itself should be kept soundly at the land site for search in armour a Licensing Officer or Police Officer asks to see it.

If the accepted TEN is lost, stolen, weakened or scorched prior to the episode past the Licensing Authority should be contacted for a deputy.

The preceding article relates to the place below the Licensing Act 2003 which is in require in England and Wales. The fees and limitations relating to a Temporary Event Notice may be amended by the Secretary of State and in attendance has been whichever request that changes will indeed be made. The facts in this nonfiction is accurate as at August 2007.



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